Aug 29, 2009

Mocking Monster!!!

Finally, the day that we not welcome has knocking our door..calling us to sit on his special blue chair to answer the most appealing questions that we're waiting for a long time. Exclusively delivered from Australia. The "MOCKing monster" is coming!!! Hahahahh....
(My post sound like I'm not worry at all, but in fact this is how I reduce the stress..GuD LuCk everyone!)
WiSh mE LuCk!

Jul 28, 2009

A.T.Y.O.G.P movie- question

1. What is it that makes it so hard to talk to each other?

In the movie "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers", the situation of being quiet has been shown in almost of the scenes which invove Mr Shi and his daughter, Yilan. There are a lot of reasons that can be made to explain why they are not so close.
First, it might be because of the rumour about Mr Shi having affair with other woman has influence Yilan to has a bad perception about her father and meanwhile, her misunderstanding has ruined herself when she chose to have a special relationship with a Russian man while she still in a marriage, which might be inclined by the rumour and she thought it would be a reasonable excuse for her to do so. She knew that her father came to America to visit and to know what actually happened that cause her getting divorced. To avoid talking about her past marriage and why she divorced, she tried to speak less.
Second, from Yilan's personal reason, she said that though she was growing up in a chinese family, she felt more comfortable with english. She said, "I don't talk well in Chinese. ..if you grew up in a language, in which you never learned, to express your feelings, it's easier to learn to talk in a new language. It makes you a new person." Thus, the culture adaptability has become one of the reason why both of the father and daughter hardly spent their time to have a conversation.
Third is because of generation gap. It is obviously shown in the movie where Yilan seems to feel more comfortable to spend her spare time with her friends rather than her father . For example, though she knew that she had spent too little time with her father because she was busy with her work, but she prefered to went out and watch movie with her friend.
This point brings to another reason which is different kind of interest. Yilan has no point to speak out to her father and she was greatly influenced by western way of life like she felt awkward at first when saw a red chinese fan was hanging on her house's door. Besides, for Mr. Shi, he thought that her daughter didn 't has a happy life but Yilan refused by saying that being quiet doesn't mean she not happy.

"A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" - a review

"A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" is a movie directed by Wayne Wang which is actually has been extracted from a short story written by Yiyun Li.

The movie is about a life of a father, Mr Shi and his daughter,Yulan who are not so close to each other. Though they are from a same family, however the way they were acting did not potrays the family relationship between them which suppose to be seen between a father and daughter.

Mr. Shi, a Chinese man who, after the death of his wife, decides to travel to the United States in order to see his estranged daughter for the first time in over a decade. Their time together is awkward at first, seeing each other only at dinner when he cooks for her. Shi spends his days taking in the strange culture, improving his language skills, and making a friend in an Iranian woman. Eventually his persistent attempts to forge a connection with his daughter lead to some buried issues bursting forth between the pair.

May 8, 2009

If I Were King by A. A. Milne

I often wish I were a King,
And then I could do anything.

If only I were King of Spain,
I'd take my hat off in the rain.

If only I were King of France,
I wouldn't brush my hair for aunts.

I think,
if I were King of Greece,
I'd push things off the mantelpiece.

If I were King of Norroway,
I'd ask an elephant to stay.

If I were King of Babylon,
I'd leave my button gloves undone.

If I were King of Timbuctoo,
I'd think of lovely things to do.

If I were King of anything,
I'd tell the soldiers, "I'm the King!"

( I like this poem because it has been presented in a humurous way rather than serious, meanwhile, behind of its jokes...this poem teach us to be ambitious as well as to have an aim in our life. Do you agree with me?)

You or me?

After finish his work, as usual Michael will use the same road to go back to his home. One thing that he hates the most is getting stuck in traffic congestion but it is inevitable unless he could fly by wings to go home. The road is so busy and crowded with vehicles.

At a junction, he sees a crazy man crawling around a traffic light. Michael likes to disturb people like that guy, so he takes a piece of paper and wraps it, and then he throws it to the crazy man.

“Hey! What are you doing damn fool?”, Michael shouting to that guy.

The man still crawling and ignoring Michael. Because he didn’t get any response from the crazy man, Michael uses his loud voice and shouting, “Hey, Crazy! What are you doing? Come on man... don’t foolish yourself...”

The man stop crawling....he stares sharply to Michael’s eyes. Then he starts to speak.

“Why you call me “man”? I’m not a man, I’m a dog. Are you crazy or blind? There’s no dog flying or walking...all of them crawling! Crazy!”

Michael can feel that his anger thermometer has reaches the boiling point because he feels humiliated by the “C” word.

“Who is crazy? You or me?”, Michael freaking.

As cool as a cucumber, the crazy man says, “Of course you.....”

“...since I evolves myself to be a dog, no one dare to approach me or speak to me because they know I’m a dog. But you’re different. Although I’m a far as I know, only a crazy man will talk to a dog. Just like you. Don’t you realise it”

Apr 19, 2009


Yesterday was a horrible day...actually this week everything is going wrong. Don't say that I'm whining. It's true. Starting of this week, I supposed.. on tuesday, when I woke up in the morning and went to take a usually my hand will automatically fly (like what a child do when playing aeroplane using hand) and hit (actually just swicth on) the electric switch , bumping the bathroom door and....then... what else to do? Take a bath! But on that day I realised that something unsual with the shower...its water is just like a drizzling rain. " Owh, may be the shower's switch was not switched on properly. But then, when I checked was already on. "Argh...what's wrong with you (the switch)?" spontaneously that words flew out from my mouth. I'm perceived that its light not lighted. Actually, I realised it before...I meant light. So,when no current, no power is supplied to the water heater...and no warm water, it still okay....the atrocious thing is no water could be pumped means no pressure to pump the water from the shower. Luckily, because of the incident our monthly bill for electricity will be more cheaper.
Cheaper? How can a bill become cheaper just because not using the water heater? Yes, that is somehow true, but let me continue how will our electric bill become cheaper and cheaper and cheaper not like usual. After I was taking bath, then another bad news getting crash in my ear drum. "Sabri, electric switch in our room can't be used!"
Ah...just now our water heater was damaged and this time another thing spoilt. Don't worry let us check the main switch first. A few seconds later the switch funtioned again as normal, but when I turned on the water heater.....suddenly a light blazed and a small explosion occured.
"No wonder...the main problem is the water heater".
To shorten my story, this week become worse and worse. A day after, I got a problem with washing machine. It was facing a same fate as the water heater but it was more lucky because it still can be used to wash but not for rinse or dry. As a matter of fact, early of this month...our cooker was damaged. However, we have a kind and generous housemate, HAZMAN! Thank you for bought a new induction cooker though it cost you RM2500. Everyone said, that is how we should applied the physics' knowledge about "Induction" in daily life. And Hazman has done it.
One more atrocious event occured in this week. It related to my blog title above. Why "Crackk.....crrackk......" ? Because yesterday my fathers car had faced a terrible experienced in its life when its window at the back side was broken. It looks like been shot by a mafia. Actually my father wasn't got robbed but a small and tiny tone is the that should be blamed. My neighbour was cutting the grass in the frontyard of her house. Unfortunately, a small stone caused my father's car broke. To replace for the new one, it cost my father RM100.
I think this month not an "APRIL FOOL" but "APRIL FOOLS". I think that's enough for this session. I hope next month, "May Fool" wouldn't happen. Have nice day!

Mar 19, 2009

The Truth of Voluntary Unemployment.....

This week, an unexpected news has caused a big shocked to everyone in my class. It’s not because Ronaldinho came to our class to offer Rahimi to join AC Milan football team or because of surprised made by Franky when he shouted “Die laa !!” and suddenly his spell cause someone die. But it was a really shocking news when Miss Jess, our economics lecturer told us that we’ll get a new lecturer who’ll replace her because she will leave her job as a lecturer for another job in a banking sector. I perceived that this is an example of voluntary unemployment (a term used by economist to classify unemployment), which occurs when a worker decides to change his or her job to search for another position. This is how economics knowledge can be applied in daily life.

Haaaaaah....last week was a stressful period which enforced me to go through it. I thought by having a day off on Monday would help me to rest my “boiling” brain. Unfortunately, the depression feelings continued accompanying me this week. And this is another challenge... get ready to have a tutorial with a new lecturer. As a matter of fact, it’s is not a big problem to have a new lecturer but this will take a time to adapt and feel comfort with a new learning environment. “Don’t bothered by all those things...I can do it!”. Yeah..I hope so. May be there is something good is hidden.

My grandma said, “Whatever you are facing in life regardless it’s good or bad, handle it with full of exuberance and rational because those are your experience and experiences are the best teacher for you to learn!”. Yes, I guess she is true. Just take it as experience.

Feb 20, 2009

EXPLANATION ESSAY- step in a linear process

Are you holding a pen now? And do you have any paper on your table? If yes, take both of them, paper and pen, because I want to discuss how to write and organize an essay.

First, what should we have to write an essay? "A pen and paper!" Yes, of course! But it's not answering my question. What I mean is how we should organize an essay. Generally, a complete structured essay has three major parts which are introduction, body paragraph, and concluding paragraph.

Lets start with the introduction paragraph. This part is very crucial because here, you'll roughly introduce the general idea and what you're going to tell the readers. At the beginning of this paragraph, give the background of the issue in your essay. Then stress on your thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph. Thesis statement is the sentence that tells reader about your ultimate point and what they should expect. Here I've included an example for the introduction paragraph:

Everyday, it is estimated that 600 000 barrels of crude oil are required to meet the demands of consumers. Crude oil and natural gas are categorized as fossil fossil fuels which are currently the primary source of energy for people around the globe. However, some people contend that research into alternative energy sources is necessary. Here we will discuss whether the development of alternative sources of fossil fuels should be a global priority or not.

The second part in writing essay is the body paragraph. Begin your essay with a topic sentences or also called as major points which are the fact that you're using to prove your main point. As you finish wrote your topic sentence, follow the topic sentence by supporting details. Supporting details or supporting ideas are the examples , facts, quotations or anything that you use to explain and back up each major point. You are encouraged to summarise each body paragraph, so your essay would be neatly written and easier to be understood. This is a sample that can be shared:

Obviously we can see now, there are many reasons why additional energy sources are essential. Based on projections, fossil fuels will be used up in next 70 years. For instance, the amount of petroleum and natural gas is facing a progressive reduction nowadays. Furthermore, current alternative energy sources are not widely used and inefficient, for instance, solar, wind, nuclear, geothermal and hydro-power. These show that in some aspects, fossil fuels are not reliable as the long-term energy sources, so additional energy sources are necessary in the present day.

However, there are more pressing problems today that require greater attention than the development of additional energy sources. Moreover, usually, research comes with several drawbacks. The adverse impacts that may comes when conducting research cause some people against the effort to develop alternatives energy sources because for them, global concern should be focused on world hunger, aid to poor countries and eradicate poverty.

After you've present all of your ideas in the body paragraph, then you're supposed to conclude all your points in a concluding paragraph. So, before you end your essay, wrap up all ideas and thoughts in the
concluding paragraph. You're not advised to put any kind of new facts or in formations. Nonetheless, you can give your overall point of view and suggestions on the issue that is discussed in your essay.

As a whole, after considering all the aspects, I am convinced fossil fuels will continued to be used as the main source of energy for the following decades as technology already exist. Meanwhile, research and development for reliable energy sources should be proceed with condition that other important problem are not been neglected.

So, if you want to write an essay, you should consider on the structure of your essay to ensure your readers can understand what you wanted to convey. Just a glance recall, a good essay must has a
introduction paragraph, body paragraph and concluding paragraph.

Feb 13, 2009

It Looks Easy!!

“Hey! Lets go… we’re going to interview people today. Please get prepare!”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a simple matter. Walking around, asking people, holding a camcorder, press the red button, and say, “Thank you sir. We really appreciate your cooperation.”….that is so easy to do. Just be cool….”

This is my first impression, when we’re planning to interview the publics regarding to our topic for documentary project. I’m expecting everything would be smooth and easy to find our interviewee, as easy as we choose jeans. However, my expectation is really far than the reality. Actually, to find just a person to answer our short questions is quite hard. Some of them intended to share their opinion but when we say that it will be recorded, as fast as a light travels, they changed their mind. “Haa!! You want to record my face? Ohh…sorry, I can’t.” If we meet this kind of people, we’ve no choice. Just say, “Thanks a lot!” and start to begin another long journey to find another victim.

The challenge is not only to find people, but we’ve to be wiser in selecting a suitable place to ensure our interview record is in the best quality. What I meant by BEST QUALITY? We must consider to the sound and the surrounding condition. The place must be less noise and don’t have too much distraction like people who are passing by. Nevertheless, some of the publics were so cooperative. Although the topic that we asked to them is quite sensitive, however, they gave a very supportive response. After, two hours spent our time in One Utama Shopping Complex, finally we successfully interviewed about six people.

This experience has taught me, how difficult a career as a reporter is. If I compare the interview task with the real job as a reporter, I’m realized it is too different to be compared. I salute to those who are working in a broadcasting field especially the reporters. It looks easy but not as easy as what we saw by our two ball-like shape camera. To collect information, ones should be very patient, responsible and eager to convey what they’re going to do. Karam Singh Walia is one of the news reporter who I really adore and respect. Though people would laugh when see him in the television because of his “moving hand” trademark, but if we conscientiously see what he had done to Malaysian and our country, we would be astounded by his credibility. Personally I think, he is not just a reporter but also an environmentalist. He always try to educate people to be aware to any problems related to the environment like pollutions and landslide. I think he has achieved his goal in nurturing the publics’ attitude.

So, what I can conclude here is no matter what we are doing, expect beyond the possibilities. Because the further we can think would help us to get prepare with any obstacles that would coming. But always put yourself in reality not fantasy. Don’t be like Captain Hardcastle when he said, “…men are your enemy and young boys are insects…”. Don’t he realized that he also a man and used to be a young boy? He is a weird man! Don’t you think so?

Feb 6, 2009


This week I have watched a quite “fascinating” and “enjoyable” movie (If you notice my tone, it might sound sarcastic, haha.. But don’t worry I’ll try to love it!). Hmm… what is the title? I know you already know about it, so I don’t want to talk about it. Okay, let me continue what I’m going to write here. Those are the answers for the first four questions that are given to me. We haven’t discussed about it yet in class.

1) Describe the physical appearance and mannerisms of Sandy and Tachibanna. Do they reinforce or challenge the stereotype of males and females of a particular nationality?

Answer: Sandy and Tachibanna have a lot of differences whether in their physical appearance or mannerism. Sandy is a western woman, has a white skin, blond hair and blue eyes. She likes to wear casual attires. In the sense of mannerisms, she is a talkative woman and straight forward when saying something. Although she curses a lot, she wasn’t particular about table manner. Sandy also seems to look like a stubborn and aggressive woman as been said by Tachibanna. Furthermore, she has a bad habit which is smoking. She smokes a lot.
On the contrary, Tachibanna has a different physical appearance and behaviour . He is an eastern male with yellowish skin, black short hair and skinny. He is a Japanese who loves to wear a formal clothes and almost of his clothes in this movie were black in colour. As an eastern society, his attitude is more courteous. He is quite reserved and he avoid to say no because in Japanese culture, saying no is considered as rude. This showed his upbringing. Tachibanna was quite obsessed in practicing the Japanese tradition. He would bows and shows his named card to introduce himself to others. At first he came to Australia, he likes to sit at back of car and preferred to listen to Japanese music rather than rock songs.
When Sandy and Tachibanna met for the first time, Sandy felt uncomfortable with how Tachibanna behaved. She thought that the Japanese culture is awkward. However, as they knew closer to each other, finally Sandy can accepted the ridiculousness of the Japanese culture when she showed her interest to learn Japanese language and culture.

2) Sandy’s mother is quite morbid as she likes to cut out and collect obituaries. Sandy accuses her mother of being sick as she is interested in Death. Her mother retorts, “There’s nothing sick about death. It’s part of being alive.” This statement is a premonition that prepares the viewer for the climax of the story. What is this climax?

Answer: The climax of the story is the Tachibanna’s death. He died after dived into a river and unfortunately his neck was broken.

3) Tachibanna is impressed by the vastness of the mine, the machinery and the open space of the desert as compared to the enclosed space in Japan?
“In Australia there is a lot of space and no people, in Japan there is a lot of people and no space. There’s nothing out there. It scares me.”
Is the setting important in the plot of this movie?

Answer: Absolutely, because the setting of the open space of the desert shows how Tachibanna and Sandy’s attitude changed. When Tachibanna said that Australia has a lot of space and no people, and Japan IS vice versa, this means that both of the countries have apparent differences where there is more freedom in Australia and people in this country tend to live in their own life without concern to others because the distance between two towns in Australian desert are very far. Otherwise, in Japan, its society is controlled by their customs and because of that they are closer to each other.
Almost of the plot in this movie occurred in the desert. At first they arrived at the desert, both of them didn’t have a mutual understanding. Sandy always felt sick to the Tachibanna’s behaviour . She felt uncomfortable to see Tachibanna snapping photos while she drove the car and also when she listen Tachibanna converse using mobile phone especially when he used Japanese language. However, the incident of being stuck in the bog had changed their personal opinion to each other. They became more amiable and did everything together.

4) How has the misadventure of being stuck in the bog affected their relationship?

Answer: Since then, they started become closer and become tolerant to one another. At first, they always quarrel because Tachibanna didn’t try to help Sandy when they were stuck in the bog. Nevertheless, after Tachibanna is scolded by Sandy, he started to lend a hand. They became intimate friends after successfully escaped from the desert. This incident also was a starting point where Sandy started to fall in love with Tachibanna.

Tachibanna ??

Jan 30, 2009

A Dead End World

Close your eyes and extend your mind. Use your powerful imagination. Imagine you’re in a restaurant. There is full of exotic foods. Beside a white round plastic table on your right side, you can see a loving couple smile to each other while eating their favourite exotic food. It’s a roasted meat and looks so delicious. Banngg!! Suddenly, you heard a bomb-like sound. When you turn your face to the left side, you see a cook holding a wood like a bat used in a baseball games. Banngg!! He hit for the second time. You can see clearly, in front of him is a dying cat. “It’s so terrible and cruel!” you said silently in your heart. Now, open your eyes. What is your feeling if you face this situation? Do you know, what you’ve imagine just now was occur in the reality world. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. I used to watch a recorded video similar to this situation. This is our world.

In the present day, though we’re a modern and civilized society, physical abuse on animals by human is a serious problem which still cannot be solved. If we think deeply, why a “brilliant” and “gorgeous” creature like us can act like a heartless devil? It’s an absurd thing to do as a human. Where is the humanity? A golden phrase saying, “A human can be a noble creature as an angle and on occasions they also can be a despicable creature as an animal and even is worse than animals.” That’s inevitably true!

First of all, I’ve a simple question for you to be answered. Are you clearly understood what the meaning of “animal” is? Interpretation of “animal” means any living creature other than a human being and includes any beast, bird, fish, reptile or insect, whether wild or tame. All of them need our cooperation to survive and we also need them to live. In short, everything on this world depends on each other. Neither is powerful nor weak. This is a fact to be trusted.

Before I go further, let me explain one by one examples of cruelty to animals. All those examples can be categorized as a cruelty to animals like failure to supply sufficient food and water to confined animals, failure to send injured, sick or wounded animals for treatment by a veterinary doctor in a government or private clinic, cruelly beat an animal, splash hot oil or water onto a cat that is searching for food, bury or burn alive young chicks to cut costs during a glut in supply, using cruel methods to slaughter or kill an animal for human consumption and also any action which encouraging cock fighting or baiting.

Is there any solution to cope with this problem? Yes, in Malaysia an act has been legislated to avoid the cruelty to animals. Abusing animals is an offence under Section 44(1), Animals Ordinance 1953. So, for those who hate animals or have an animal related-mental disorder, please beware of this act. And not forgotten, for people who are animal-lovers, how to report or give information on incident of cruelty to animals? What we can do is send our complaint on incident of cruelty to animals to the Director of Enforcement in the Headquarters or the Chief of Enforcement Branch or Unit in the State or Federal Territory level by lodge our complaint at the respective office, using telephone, e-mail, or write a report letter. It’s simple as sending your “love” letter. Last but not least, be caring and loving and you’ll be cared and loved by others. If you want to know whether you are an animal-lover or not, see the picture above. You yourself are full with loves if you touched when seeing the cute cats. Have a nice day!

Wait for a while! Don’t forget our friends in a poor and chaotic country, those who in Palestine, Sri Lanka, Acheh and everywhere on this world. Lend a hand to them and show our sympathy. If you're afford to give material donations, please donate your money or at least your old clothes. Remember, if you're caring and loving and you’ll be cared and loved by others.

Jan 23, 2009

STUDY BREAK! -How we plan it?

Holiday is coming! One week break is like receiving a huge pillow. Anyway, I want to greet Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. Finally, I can take a deep breath, relaxing myself and doing my own work. Holiday is the best time to enjoy ourselves! Is it? I don’t think so. Although we’ve about ten days off, we’ve a lot of homework to be completed. In average, I can say the total homework that we receive is for two weeks holiday (an example for hyperbole). I’m not whining, but just sharing. So, I ought to plan my holiday’s activities properly to ensure everything is done at the end of this holiday. What should I do? This is what I want to share with you, about how I would manage my time. Hopefully, I won’t face any disruption which can retard my brilliant planning. This is not ‘A Great Mouse Plot’ but ‘A Great Holiday Plot’. As I share my plan, I will looking at three matters that most people might face when they want to implement their plan.
Firstly, we will discuss about the way people planning. There are three distinctive types of plan, a “simple plan” (not a name of a rock band), a “flexible plan” and an “excessive plan”. Simple plan is an unburden planning for the planner. This sort of plan is made without consider to any other aspects which can influence it. For instance, we’re a student and we’ve 100 dollars in our pocket, at that time we’re demanding on a Rolex swatch. If we just make a simple plan, we’ll spend all the 100 dollars to buy the swatch. It will just give us a short term satisfaction because in the future we’ll realize that the money is more worthwhile if we spend for anything that is more essential like books or reference materials.
The second plan we’re going to discuss is the “flexible plan”. This kind of plan is the best among others. Why I said so? Because we can adjust the time to fit with our daily activities without disturbing or burden us. Somehow, we must be very discipline and strict on ourselves to ensure the plan is fully implemented.
Another plan is an “excessive plan”. It is just an exaggeration when making a plan. People who make an “excessive plan” always neglect other things without consider whether they can do all those things which they have planned or not.
Nonetheless, what I’ve mentioned above are only my point of view when looking at the planning methods which I can see from people around me. Everyone has their own way of planning. Remember, plan is like an outline sheet for our life. The wiser is your plan, the lesser you’ll suffer and you’ll gain more from your effort.

Jan 16, 2009


This year, 2009 is a tougher year because I’ll sit for an essential examination called as Tertiary Entrance Examination (TEE). TEE is a compulsory examination for those who are taking Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT). My friends and I were told by our lecturers to struggle as hard as we can and be consistent in maintaining a high score because our marks will be assessed from external examination, internal examination and assignments given. So, no “honey moon” anymore, we ought to intensify our effort and strive in our study for a whole year.
As a vivid description about the course I’m taking now, I’ll explain about this programme. AUSMAT is a full time course and it must be completed in two semesters. It has been specially designed to provide a Year 12 level of education in Western Australia but for those students who want to study in New Zealand this programme is acceptable as an entrance requirement. Subjects offered are miscellaneous but students are advised to take the appropriate subjects according to their degree course. For instance, I’ll pursue my study in Architecture course, so I take five subjects which are EAL/D, Physics, Chemistry, Applicable Mathematics and Economics.
English or known as ‘English as An Additional Language / Dialect’ (EAL/D) is very crucial for us because we’ll further our study in an English speaking country. My first English class has begun last week. It’s quite enjoyable. We have been asked to create a blog to write something related to our daily activities and response to the current issues. In my first English class, we have discussed about writing skills. Writing is not just write anything without thinking. We’ve to plan what we are going to write, its main point, supporting idea and examples.
This week, I’ve learned something new about English. Although, I used to learn about literature before, but this are my first time learning literary terms. I was quite familiar with the terms simile (an apparent comparison between two distinctive objects), metaphor (comparison between two unrelated things), and what I knew before, metaphor is when an abstract and concrete words are placed in a juxtaposition. Other terms that I used to learn are personification (attribution of human characteristics to animals or objects), hyperbole (deliberate exaggeration), alliteration (repetition of initial consonant sounds in a line) and assonance (repetition of a vowel sound).
Do you know? We also can learn literature from “Buzz” sound produced by bees, “Papp!” sound when you are slapped by your ex-girlfriend or “Crack!” sound when you accidentally tore up your trousers. Those sounds are called as onomatopoeia, such a ridiculous name. Even literature is the most complicated part, it is quite enjoyable with the existence of “onomatopoeia”. What I can briefly say, literature is a quite appealing to be learned and I hope this topic will be more interesting for my next English class.

Jan 8, 2009


What do you feel when you entering a new world, such a strange world that you are never experienced before? Excited? Scared? Worry? Or you just say, “Owh, I don’t know… this is totally new for me, so I will just follow others. They might know more than me.”
Whatever we say, everyone of us has a different opinion about how to describe our feeling regarding to the “new world”. For me, the “new world” that I’ll never forget is my transition from a secondary school to tertiary level. Now, I noticed that tertiary level is very different and even tougher than secondary level. I’m talking in term of education and students’ life.
My first step when I came to my college, I felt like a stranger. Everyone spoke in English, and even when I went to student house where is the place that I’ll stay in, almost of my neighbours speak in English. Am I a foreigner or them? But I’m sure at that time I was in Malaysia. It may look weird and a bit funny. In my hometown, it’s very hard to listen to someone speak in English but here, in my college, English seems like a main medium of communication. It’s quite challenging for me to adapt in a new environment and culture. However, there is nothing depress me because I’m perceived this is a precious time for me to grab chance to improve myself especially in mastering English. My first semester in college was eventful.
The learning method is completely different in tertiary level because you have to work on yourself, besides there is no specific reference which you can refer to. You’ve to be able to improvise everything that is provided. Time management is very essential to be followed. It is very hard to follow everything we’ve planned in our schedule, somehow we must be more discipline to ensure we done our coursework perfectly.
No matter what, it all depends on us to accept something new in our life positively or negatively. This is what I mean by PESSIMISM and OPTIMISM. Talking about pessimism and optimism, what is the meaning for both of these words? Pessimism can be define as the state of expecting or believing that bad things will happen and something will not be successful. Contrary to pessimism, the word “optimism” means the state of expecting good things to happen or to be successful. Based on my past experiences, we’ll be better in doing something if we are optimist. Otherwise, if we are pessimist, we’ve greater chances to fail because we’ll lose our confidence when we always thinking something that is not sure will happen. Another thing is dreaming can’t bring you further in achieving your goal, it only gives you inspiration and motivation. The most crucial thing is your action. How is your action, it’s up to you. Quick action is the best. Now, ask on ourselves whether we want to be optimist or pessimist?