Apr 19, 2009


Yesterday was a horrible day...actually this week everything is going wrong. Don't say that I'm whining. It's true. Starting of this week, I supposed.. on tuesday, when I woke up in the morning and went to take a bath....as usually my hand will automatically fly (like what a child do when playing aeroplane using hand) and hit (actually just swicth on) the electric switch , bumping the bathroom door and....then... what else to do? Take a bath! But on that day I realised that something unsual with the shower...its water is just like a drizzling rain. " Owh, may be the shower's switch was not switched on properly. But then, when I checked it..it was already on. "Argh...what's wrong with you (the switch)?" spontaneously that words flew out from my mouth. I'm perceived that its light not lighted. Actually, I realised it before...I meant light. So,when no current, no power is supplied to the water heater...and no warm water, it still okay....the atrocious thing is no water could be pumped means no pressure to pump the water from the shower. Luckily, because of the incident our monthly bill for electricity will be more cheaper.
Cheaper? How can a bill become cheaper just because not using the water heater? Yes, that is somehow true, but let me continue how will our electric bill become cheaper and cheaper and cheaper not like usual. After I was taking bath, then another bad news getting crash in my ear drum. "Sabri, electric switch in our room can't be used!"
Ah...just now our water heater was damaged and this time another thing spoilt. Don't worry let us check the main switch first. A few seconds later the switch funtioned again as normal, but when I turned on the water heater.....suddenly a light blazed and a small explosion occured.
"No wonder...the main problem is the water heater".
To shorten my story, this week become worse and worse. A day after, I got a problem with washing machine. It was facing a same fate as the water heater but it was more lucky because it still can be used to wash but not for rinse or dry. As a matter of fact, early of this month...our cooker was damaged. However, we have a kind and generous housemate, HAZMAN! Thank you for bought a new induction cooker though it cost you RM2500. Everyone said, that is how we should applied the physics' knowledge about "Induction" in daily life. And Hazman has done it.
One more atrocious event occured in this week. It related to my blog title above. Why "Crackk.....crrackk......" ? Because yesterday my fathers car had faced a terrible experienced in its life when its window at the back side was broken. It looks like been shot by a mafia. Actually my father wasn't got robbed but a small and tiny tone is the that should be blamed. My neighbour was cutting the grass in the frontyard of her house. Unfortunately, a small stone caused my father's car broke. To replace for the new one, it cost my father RM100.
I think this month not an "APRIL FOOL" but "APRIL FOOLS". I think that's enough for this session. I hope next month, "May Fool" wouldn't happen. Have nice day!