Mar 19, 2009

The Truth of Voluntary Unemployment.....

This week, an unexpected news has caused a big shocked to everyone in my class. It’s not because Ronaldinho came to our class to offer Rahimi to join AC Milan football team or because of surprised made by Franky when he shouted “Die laa !!” and suddenly his spell cause someone die. But it was a really shocking news when Miss Jess, our economics lecturer told us that we’ll get a new lecturer who’ll replace her because she will leave her job as a lecturer for another job in a banking sector. I perceived that this is an example of voluntary unemployment (a term used by economist to classify unemployment), which occurs when a worker decides to change his or her job to search for another position. This is how economics knowledge can be applied in daily life.

Haaaaaah....last week was a stressful period which enforced me to go through it. I thought by having a day off on Monday would help me to rest my “boiling” brain. Unfortunately, the depression feelings continued accompanying me this week. And this is another challenge... get ready to have a tutorial with a new lecturer. As a matter of fact, it’s is not a big problem to have a new lecturer but this will take a time to adapt and feel comfort with a new learning environment. “Don’t bothered by all those things...I can do it!”. Yeah..I hope so. May be there is something good is hidden.

My grandma said, “Whatever you are facing in life regardless it’s good or bad, handle it with full of exuberance and rational because those are your experience and experiences are the best teacher for you to learn!”. Yes, I guess she is true. Just take it as experience.